About NTI

NTI specializes in low-voltage residential and commercial installations, small to medium business onsite PC/Server maintenance, and residential in-home PC maintenance. Low Voltage specialties from cable/satellite television wiring, telephone wiring, computer network (Ethernet) wiring, wireless computer network security, wireless site-to-site linking, Wilson Electronics cellular boosters, and even security camera installations…if it is low-voltage most likely I can help you!


My most recent accomplishment is passing the Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2008 certification test on configuration and deployment of SBS 2008, and also completing the Wilson Cellular Certified Installer program, if you have weak cell signal inside your brand new 5 start home, i can certainly show you the options to fix that! I continue to add to my knowledge base and hope to acquire some more certifications soon!

I founded NTI in August of 2005, with many years of wiring and computer experience I decided to take it to the next step and become a small business owner. I have numerous projects “under the belt” and have the knowledge and expertise to get your next project done!

I can custom build your next computer, recommend an upgrade for your server, repair a computer that just isn’t cooperating and much more.

Need to learn how to use your computer? Let me be your consultant. To see how I may help you, click on the contact button.

2009 and up marks the latest in needs for wireless network security. I have been studying the ease and habits of wireless network security cracking and much to my amazement most consumer wireless products are NOT property secured. While over half of the networks simply don’t set wireless security, the rest that do, do not set security strong enough. There are key differences between wireless security modes and I can help you lock down your wireless network. If you would like a demonstration on how easy and fast wireless networks can be cracked, I would glady show you on your own network!

If you have a small to medium business and your full time I.T. budget is getting pinched, consider giving me a call! I have recently picked up some new clients that had to let their paid IT staff go due to the economy and have been saving them a considerable amount of money.