July, 2013

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Importance of Offsite Backup


I have said it time and time again, “you can install the best backup system in the world, but if you don’t keep your data offsite and your building burns to the ground…you’re out of business!”

Well that verse was recently quoted in the Loveland Reporter Herald Article as one of my clients found out how important offsite data backup was on July 9th 2013 as the Ward Building at 2114 N Lincoln Ave burned out of control for hours on end.

The below picture is Emerson & Associates CPA firm, a LONG TIME client of mine:DSC_1270


They were extremely fortunate as 90% of the fire remained in the ceiling space, and once the roof fell in the fire department was able to start getting it knocked down pretty quickly.  This however brings up another problem which I will discuss later, computers and servers DO NOT LIKE WATER!

Emerson was extremely fortunate as ironic as this sounds…his unit was still on fire the next day!  This is a blessing in disguise because in order to put the fire out, the fire department was going to tear his space apart with heavy machinery.  Upon requesting some TLC during the process, I was granted permission to recover the computers and server from the rubble as they were demolishing that space.

Members of the Loveland Fire Rescue Authority remove the server from the unit: DSC_1686

Water and debris damage:
IMG_20130710_163642IMG_20130710_160009 IMG_20130710_163411


This pic above shows the depth of the water on the server chassis pretty well, this machine was sitting 6 inches off the floor on a server desk.  had it not been off the floor, it was destined to be totally under water.

Emerson and Associates was also fortunate in the fact that their data DID NOT need to be recovered from their backup.  I BOOTED THIS SERVER AFTER WASHING IT OUT!!  Click here for video proof of me betting another firm breakfast that it would boot.

Bottom line is with the proper planning for the un-thinkable, your business can continue to thrive after a devastating fire.  Is there down time? OF COURSE!  It takes time to replace equipment and move data, deal with insurance companies etc…  but it was only two and a half weeks from start to finish and Emerson and Associates was 100% operational in a temporary location with a 100% data recovery rate from their old server performed by yours truly!

If your business needs I.T. services done right the first time, you know who you need to call!  Thanks for reading, Justin King, OWNER Network Troubleshooting & Installation.